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AED 400.00

Date: 2 June 2023

Time: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Venue: Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences Auditorium (MBRU), Ground Floor, Building 14, Dubai Healthcare City.


Four lectures will be presented by MBRU HBMCDM faculty:

First Lecture:  “Assessing Root Canal Fillings: To retreat or to re-treat?” by Amre Atmeh, Assistant Professor, Endodontics.


This lecture will discuss how dental practitioners can assess the need of their patients for a non-surgical root canal re-treatment. What are the factors they should consider in their assessment? as not all previously root canal treated teeth may require a re-treatment. The risks and benefits will be discussed along a disease-based approach in formulating the most suitable treatment plan.

Learning objectives:

  •  How to assess the need for non-surgical root canal re-treatment
  • How to weight the benefit vs risk of non-surgical root canal re-treatment
  • What are the factors to be considered in formulating a treatment plan?

Lecture Accredited by Dubai Health Authority: 0.75 Credit Point.

Second Lecture: A contemporaneous synopsis of pediatric dental traumatic injuries and their management; Getting it right the first time to improve outcomes.” by Iyad Hussein, Associate Professor, Pediatric Dentistry. 


Dental Traumatic Injuries (TDIs) are worldwide phenomena effecting around 1/3rd of children. Teachers, nurses, general dentists, specialist dentists and doctors encounter such injuries globally. There are established dental trauma guidelines1 that attempt to unify and streamline diagnosis and management. Nevertheless, outcomes can be poor. In a group of recently articles published, school nurses, school physical education teachers, dentists and paediatrician in the United Arab Emirates knowledge of the guidelines of traumatic dental injuries was found to be inadequate.

Learning objectives:

  • Highlighting the epidemiology of TDIs
  • Reviewing the latest IADT 2020 clinical guidelines in dental trauma
  • Highlighting the immediate, intermediate and long term management of TDIs with clinical examples
  • Outlining suggestions to improve TDIs outcomes in the UAE

Lecture Accredited by Dubai Health Authority: 0.75 Credit Point.

Third Lecture: Caring for our youngest patients – An overview of contemporary infant maxillary orthopedics.” by Sabarinath Prasad, Assistant Professor, Orthodontics.


Approximately 1 in every 730 children born in low- and middle-income countries has a cleft lip and/or palate (CLP). The treatment goal for CLP subjects is to restore normal function and anatomy. Though protocols vary across cleft centres, primary surgical lip repair is usually done between 3 and 6 months of age. The crucial period leading to primary surgical repair presents a window of opportunity wherein orthopedic procedures may be instituted to reduce the severity of the deformity. Infant maxillary orthopedics (IMO) helps reduce the severity of the affected structures and provide a better foundation for an easier primary surgical repair in our youngest patients. In this presentation, contemporary IMO appliances will be listed, along with best practices for the trouble-free impression procedures in CLP infants. Additionally, the steps involved in care and the potential short- and long-term advantages of IMO will be highlighted from an evidence-based perspective.

Learning objectives:

  • List and identify different presurgical infant maxillary orthopedic appliances.
  • Recognize the risks involved in impression procedures for CLP infants.
  • State the long- and short-term advantages of IMO procedures.

Lecture Accredited by Dubai Health Authority: 1 Credit Point.

Fourth Lecture: “Removable Prosthodontics: Treatment planning of Edentulous Arches” by Fatemeh Amir Rad, Lecturer, Prosthodontics.


The lecture focuses on the fundamentals of treatment planning and restoration for removable prosthodontic solutions for edentulous arches. The outline includes 1) The restorative space for different implant prosthetics, 2) Lip support, dentofacial aesthetics and OVD, 3) Implant placement and design for prostheses.

Learning objectives: 

  • Analyze a variety of treatment planning options for full arch based on the patient’s preferences and presenting anatomy.
  • Discuss indications for removable dentures together with their esthetic and functional advantages and disadvantages.
  • Outline indications for strategic use of implants and remaining few teeth in combination with removable dentures.
  • Assess the requirements and limitations involved with each prosthetic design.

Lecture Accredited by Dubai Health Authority: 0.75 Credit Point.


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